Christopher M. Palmer

Christopher M. Palmer lends his IT expertise to creating and maintaining our North Alabama Writers’ Group Blog.  Without his time and work we would still be discussing the prospect of a blog, what to write, and where best to start in domain names. His time interacting and networking on the internet using his true name brings our writers’ blog to the fifth result on a google search using his name.

Christopher has the most networking experience in our group.  His trips to conventions and panels have given him the chance to speak with local and national writers of books and tv shows.   He’s always bringing new advice and ideas to our group.

His writing style is reminiscent of late 1970s through 1980s style science fiction.  He takes this and applies modern scenarios that speculate on where technology can take us.  It encapsulates both the potentials of horror and the beauty humanity could achieve.

Christopher M. Palmer is published in “Shades of Santa” a fiction magazine put out by Shades in the Well.  It is a collection of Christmas short stories.  He also has a blog he no longer posts in but is still filled with his thoughts, opinions and interesting observations. He has an upcoming publication of his story, “The Works of the Apprentice” in the Fantasia Divinity anthology, Out Of Your Shadow.