About North Alabama Writers’ Group

Welcome to the North Alabama Writers’ Group blog.  We are a group that meets every Tuesday at 7pm  at Bridgestreet Cafe 153 in Huntsville Alabama.  New comers are always welcome.  Our group supports writers and their goals.

What a Meeting Looks like:

First we greet each other, and often while we wait for everyone to arrive, we share a little about our lives or our writing struggles.  The first part of the meeting is business. We review our promotion plans and our struggle to find audience.  First we share our group blog and Twitter project.  Jessica manages these aspects of the meeting where she encourages others to be involved and moving the group forward.  We are always looking for guest posts here at the North Alabama Writers’ Blog and all insights into the writing, publishing, advertising, or consumption of artistic media are appreciated.

Next, we share each other’s stories and progress!  Chris leads us in reading our original works out loud.  We welcome any endeavor that involved writing to come speak about their progress.  Pitch sessions and persistent, curious, or excited questions tend to follow anyone who shares a world building moment.   Currently, our group focuses more towards fiction than nonfiction, but we’re open to both genres.

Our last part of the meeting involves writing a group prompt.  For more information on this process see the Group Blitz Round Robin explanation post.  While one person writes, the rest of us discuss writing hurdles we have, questions we have about open markets, and pitch new ideas we haven’t started writing just yet.

Outside of Meetings:

Even after our meetings are complete, our writers’ group continues to provide support and follow up.  Our current group has worked together a long time and at a developmental place where we prefer detailed feedback, but each individual may set their own boundaries.  If you want no feedback, only to share your work, we’re a willing audience, just express that desire to us.

Beyond google docs, we have a private facebook page and facebook messenger where we drop each other a thought in between meetings.

Why A Blog: 

The founding members of the North Alabama Writers’ Group (and hopefully future members) keep a group blog for multiple reasons.

First, we wanted to get the word out about our group.  The members we have now fell into the group through coincidence and happenstance.  While we treasure each of them, we were hoping to make a more deliberate effort to gather local writers.  It seems gathering other creatives can be a little like herding cats.  Perhaps this blog can be the food on the doorstep that convinces people to check our group out further and maybe even make a home for themselves here.

Our second goal: to start a larger conversation in the writing world.  Working in person has been fulfilling and enriching in each of our journeys.  We support each other’s goals, commitments, and offer each other help as best we can.  It’s this blog’s goal to extend that reach and create a broader more relevant conversation.

So hello world and welcome!  The water’s warm and we hope to see you swimming in our little cove again sometime.


Contacting Us

The North Alabama Writers’ Group is looking to foster community with local and more distant writers.  We hope to stir conversation and provide aid through this blog.  The first line of introduction should be in the comments section here.


However, if you are looking to further contact NAWG we suggest visiting our facebook page where our group posts links and random conversations.  We’d always enjoy a random greeting or writing related query.


We also have a semi active account on Twitter @NAWG12.


Beyond these group resources, some of our writers provide further contact or interaction on their personal bio pages.