Jessica Donegan

About sections are awkward, and Jessica prefers to speak about herself in person.  She thinks her blog writing style, inviting if a little rambling, should give others enough of a sense of personality.

Jessica Donegan, is the group’s secretary.  She takes minutes and shares them within North Alabama Writers’ Group Secret Clubhouse.  In addition, Jessica is curating pages and posts for The North Alabama Writers’ Group Blog.

Jessica, the writer, hasn’t much of note for a biography. She’s a rabid fan of the bizarre and anything that breaks the mundane. To this end, she prefers to write urban fantasy and science fiction while dabbling in horror and traditional fantasy. Currently, Jessica is working on three short stories, a novella, and a novel length work.  She’s completed four short stories and one novel length work and is actively pursuing publishing opportunities for these works. Her current goals include growing her personal story library, publishing her work, and supporting other writers.

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