Zach Stanfield

Zach Stanfield is one of the founding members of the North Alabama Writers’ Group and as such we often call him our “Unofficial Leader”, much to his consternation.  If he’s not the leader of the group, he is our unofficial welcoming committee.  Outgoing and friendly, he does his best to get to know any newcomer, their writing, and what they are looking for from Writers’ Group.

His writing style is thoughtful and steady.  He edits while writing the first draft, which makes his process slow but allows his work to be more complete by the time he shares it.  Thematically, Zach prefers his stories to center on all elements of life that strike him as most strange and out of place.  His direct style blends well with crime stories.  Like everyone in the writers’ group, his work spans several different genres.

Zach Stanfield’s work “Ultima Peticion” has been published in ShotGun Honey.  He and his wife maintain a travel blog Uncommon America.