Open Calls For Submission In May

May 1st

 Brewtality: Alcohol Infused Extreme Horror: 3,000 word max “Some call it courage in a bottle while others perceive it as the devil’s cocktail. Alcohol comes in all shapes and sizes, bringing along with it the temptation of sin, the eagerness of confusion and the psychological bombardment on the mind and senses forcing us to play a game between life and death.” pays $.03/word

May 5th

Impulsive Walrus Press, “Going Viral”: 2,000-8,000 words theme is black market business during Covid-19 pandemic “The COVID-19 quarantine has us all shut up in our homes. Businesses have ground to a halt, the economy is slowed to a snail’s pace, and nobody is entirely certain how long it is going to last./ In the middle of all of this, black market businesses have begun to operate: underground hair salons, photography studios, businesses once completely legitimate and now illegal simply for operating.” pays $.02/word

May 31st

One Story: 3,000-8,000 words literary fiction pay is $500

Dark Moon Digest, “Fright Nights”: 3,500 words max “We want stories with complex characters and new ideas. Scare us. But also, inspire young readers into a lifelong obsession with the genre .” $.03/ word

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